Your own personal care team for better medication management

Why join

We’re here and we’ve got you.

Our health coaches and nurses are ready to help you form pro-health behaviors and control your symptoms.

Our app is simple to use and fun.

Chat with your care team. Track your progress. Change your life.

More time to enjoy life.

When you improve your medication routine you’ll have more symptom-free days, fewer trips to the ER, and more time to enjoy life.

Earn rewards for investing in your health.

$0 cost to enroll & you can earn up to $50 in rewards for building healthy habits.

A no-cost, 60-day program that provides personalized support

Enroll and get access to our mobile app, Spotlight, which provides 2-way video and chat with a dedicated health coach and daily medication reminders.


Review your medications with a pharmacist to better understand your regimen. We’ll send you a welcome kit and a $25 gift card for completing this important step.


Use the Spotlight app to submit short, daily video check-ins. Your coach will be with you every step of the way to discuss any medication challenges.


Complete 60 days of the program to receive a second $25 gift card.* Your care team will continue to keep in touch and support you. *Requires medication is taken at least 80% of days in program.

I wanted to start taking my meds on a regular basis. The program would push me to stay on track. They cared about your health and about you as a whole person.”

Scene program participant

9/10 participants said they would recommend Scene to others

Your privacy is important to us

As a healthcare company, Scene takes security and participant privacy very seriously, and we operate in accordance with all applicable privacy and data protection laws. We employ best-in-class physical, technical and administrative controls to protect your personal information. You can learn more about our use and protection of personal information by reading our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

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