Our 360° model of care combines clinical coaching, video technology and validated interventions.

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Our enhanced Directly Observed Therapy model, plus so much more.

For payers and providers, it’s a window into the home.

For patients, it’s personalized coaching & support.

Better health outcomes in
less than 90 days.


Our nurses, pharmacists, and health coaches help patients tackle adherence barriers to enable and motivate lasting change for healthy outcomes. They are the cast and crew behind a lifetime of health.


Our validated interventions including enhanced Directly Observed Therapy, Comprehensive Medication Reviews, small financial incentives, and motivational interviewing enable better health.


Our adherence platform includes a mobile app, an engagement engine, and more — each designed to help patients achieve better health outcomes.

Patient experience


Our enrollment team deploys a multi-channel marketing campaign that educates patients about the challenges and importance of medication adherence, communicates the details of our program, inspires enrollment, and provides technical support.


Patients receive a detailed and educational review of their medications with a pharmacist. Then, patients are paired with a dedicated nurse and health coach as they complete up to 90 days of Directly Observed Therapy. During this phase we deploy a range of targeted interventions including small financial incentives, medication reminders, and motivational and educational video content.


Patients maintain performance and self-manage, with the continued support of our care team and ongoing interventions as needed based on claims and pharmacy data. We do whatever it takes to ensure any medication adherence challenges are resolved.

An adherence platform that's easy to use, implement, and scale.

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Our easy-to-use mobile app. Patients log into Spotlight daily to connect with our care team of pharmacists, nurses, and health coaches through daily video check-ins, anytime and anywhere. We make it fun for patients to stay on top of their medications and empower them to improve their health.

  • Easy-to-use, fun, and free to patients
  • Helps patients learn about their medications
  • Gives patients access to a care team of pharmacists, nurses, and health coaches, every day
  • Provides patients with a simple way to report and get help with medication problems, like side effects
  • Allows patients to easily track their progress
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The care team portal is designed to guide care teams through medication observation and engagement.

  • Dose-by-dose medication assessment
  • Robust adherence analytics
  • Content creation studio for video & chat
  • Livestream video appointments
  • Clinical escalation via notes
  • Missed submission alerts
  • Observation of SDOH & behavioral challenges
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Our escalation and engagement engine. Initiated by any member of the care team, it helps institute a fast reaction to anything that looks worrisome.

  • Customizable rules engine
  • Observation of adherence challenges
  • Smart task list
  • Customizable video & chat bank
  • Content creation studio

Program benefits

Improve true adherence

Not just the refill rate. 
We ensure patients are actually taking their medications and help them correct any technique issues.

Achieve better   outcomes

When every dose is taken clinical outcomes, quality metrics, and cost of care improve.

Support multiple populations

Our care team identifies and addresses any social determinants of health at the root of medication challenges.

Who we serve

Improve quality measures
Decreased cost of care
Support vulnerable populations
Prevent hospital readmissions and ED visits
Improve medication adherence and technique
Strengthen patient engagement
Capture dose-by-dose adherence
Reduce spend
Expand capacity
Boost adherence and compliance
Improve drug efficacy measurements
Increase convenience

Awards & recognition