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Better evaluate adherence rates in clinical research

Our flexible, asynchronous, video technology and person-to-person engagement scales the gold standard for medication adherence: Directly Observed Therapy.

Boost adherence and compliance

Through the direct observation of each dose and personalized technique feedback, we can increase participant engagement, ensure high adherence rates, and identify
non-compliance early.

Improve drug efficacy measurements

Our detailed dosing analytics expand insights to drug efficacy with reports that include time and date-stamped dosing, device technique issues, side effects, drug challenges, behavioural challenges, time trends, and social determinants of health.

Increase convenience  and reduce dropouts

Remote onboarding and convenient at-home check-ins mean fewer dropouts and treatment failures. For study sites, we offer rapid training and implementation, an easy-to-use web portal for enrollment, and a dedicated support team.

Technology designed for better medication management. For life.

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Our easy-to-use mobile app. Patients log into Spotlight daily to connect with our care team of pharmacists, nurses, and health coaches through daily video check-ins, anytime and anywhere. We make it fun for patients to stay on top of their medications and empower them to improve their health.

  • Easy-to-use, fun, and free to patients
  • Helps patients learn about their medications
  • Gives patients access to a care team of pharmacists, nurses, and health coaches, every day
  • Provides patients with a simple way to report and get help with medication problems, like side effects
  • Allows patients to easily track their progress
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The care team portal is designed to guide care teams through medication observation and engagement.

  • Dose-by-dose medication assessment
  • Robust adherence analytics
  • Content creation studio for video & chat
  • Livestream video appointments
  • Clinical escalation via notes
  • Missed submission alerts
  • Observation of SDOH & behavioral challenges
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Our escalation and engagement engine. Initiated by any member of the care team, it helps institute a fast reaction to anything that looks worrisome.

  • Customizable rules engine
  • Observation of adherence challenges
  • Smart task list
  • Customizable video & chat bank
  • Content creation studio

We’re clinically validated

18 peer-reviewed journal articles from 12 clinical research studies and program evaluations report high levels of adherence to treatment with our adherence platform.

Johns Hopkins, State of Maryland, NIH
Florida State University, University of Florida
Hepatitis C
adherence among drug-using population
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Gilead-supported
Journal of Asthma
TYPE 2 diabetes
Medicaid Health Plan
Published results pending

Trusted by leading institutions

Video DOT is a good way for our providers to ensure that the medication is going to the right people.”

Godersky, et al.
Addiction Science & Clinical Practice. (2019)

Peer reviewed study

Participants were twice as likely to complete their doses compared to those using wirelessly observed therapy
Median medication adherence among a drug-using cohort
In a medication adherence study on Hepatitis C persons who use drugs, researchers found that participants using Scene’s adherence platform missed fewer doses of their direct-acting antiviral in comparison to those using wirelessly observed therapy.
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