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We help researchers evaluate adherence (compliance) rates earlier and more accurately

Our flexible, asynchronous, video technology and person-to-person support scales the gold standard for medication adherence: Directly Observed Therapy.

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Complete trials on schedule

We help you get started quickly and identify non-compliance earlier — helping you reduce patient dropout and get investigational medication and interventions to market faster. Our end-to-end, customized support buffers site turnover issues.

Remotely confirm dose-by-dose adherence

We facilitate direct observation of each dose using patient-friendly and flexible mobile app video tech — allowing for more accurate efficacy estimates and improved patient support.

Increase patient diversity

Our unique expertise helping historically underrepresented patient populations secure high-rates of adherence through our low-burden program. This allows you to achieve enrollment diversity targets and to maximize generalizability of your results.
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An adherence platform that's easy to use, implement, and scale.

Patient App

Patients complete video check-ins of each dose, anytime and anywhere. The app is easy-to-use, convenient, and free to patients, offering:

  • Configurable medication reminders
  • Progress tracking
  • Side effects capture (if applicable)
  • In-app messaging 
  • Adherence metrics
  • Low-tech requirements 
  • Trial-specific resources
  • Human-centered design
  • Support for 22 Languages
  • Patient-led enrollment
Web Portal

The care team portal is designed to guide study sites through medication observation and support, providing: 

  • Dose-by-dose medication assessment
  • Time and date-stamped submissions
  • Clinical escalation to relevant stakeholders
  • Robust adherence analytics
  • Video bank messaging 
  • Livestream video appointments
  • Missed submission alerts
  • Site support from our adherence review team
  • Observation of SDOH & behavioral challenges
Analytics & Reporting

Reports include a specific breakdown of adherence-related challenges, including:

  • Time and date-stamped dosing
  • Administration technique issues 
  • Side effects
  • Drug challenges
  • Behavioral challenges
  • Time trends
  • Social determinants of health

We’re clinically validated

20 peer-reviewed journal articles from 12 clinical research studies and program evaluations report high levels of adherence to treatment with our adherence platform.

Johns Hopkins, State of Maryland, NIH
Florida State University, University of Florida
Hepatitis C
adherence among drug-using population
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Gilead-supported
Journal of Asthma
TYPE 2 diabetes
Medicaid Health Plan
Published results pending
Sickle Cell Disease
hydroxyurea MPR
Nationwide Children's

[Scene's] customer service reps are much more friendly and knowledgeable about the system vs. another app that some studies use.”

Clinical Trial Manager, CRO

Peer reviewed study

Participants were twice as likely to complete their doses compared to those using wirelessly observed therapy
Median medication adherence among a drug-using cohort
In a drug trial with hepatitis C patients who inject drugs, researchers found that participants using Scene’s adherence platform had a higher adherence rate over an 84-dose regimen than those using a wireless pillbox technology.
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Our dose-by-dose adherence insights enable researchers to confirm compliance, accurately assess the benefits and harms of a medication, and reach and engage diverse populations. Schedule a time to connect with our growth team for a demo or to learn about partnership opportunities. We look forward to connecting with you!