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Meet the company that's solving the decades-old problem of medication nonadherence.

We strive to see the whole patient. We're a "let's-do-this-together team" that meets the patient where they are, builds deep relationships, and enables them to take every dose of their medication properly.

Our values

Our entire program
is based on evidence.

Medication adherence is
a health equity issue.

Human-to-human connections
are at the heart of our solution.

Technology can deliver personalized, evidence-based programs at scale.

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Partners across the healthcare landscape


Years of experience since our launch from Johns Hopkins in 2014


Peer-reviewed journal articles validating our impact


Video check-ins through our adherence platform

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Our evolution


Johns Hopkins researchers and infectious disease specialists invent a technology to educate community healthcare workers treating HIV in Uganda. They call it electronic Mobile Open-source Comprehensive Health Application or "emocha."


emocha expands to include more varied clinical and public health purposes from Uganda to India to sites across South America. Eventually, more than 15 applications were deployed in 10 countries, and demand for the technology grows beyond the capacity of the inventors.


Entrepreneur & Hopkins MBA student Sebastian Seiguer teams up with Morad Elmi and the Hopkins team, licenses the emocha technology, and builds a team of designers, developers, and public health experts who begin to scale the technology to solve critical international public health challenges.


emocha recieves emergency funding to support the State of Maryland in monitoring patients for symptoms of Ebola and partners with Johns Hopkins Biocontainment Unit to monitor healthcare workers for highly infectious diseases.


In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, emocha helps patients to continue receiving care. 59 out of 61 patients using emocha's platform achieve 100% adherence. At the same time, emocha helps end a recurring TB outbreak in Puerto Rico.


Over the next two years, emocha works with hundreds of health departments across the country to support patients taking medication for infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, and hepatitis C. In 2018, emocha is highlighted as one of FastCompany's "Most Innovative Companies."


To better support partners including health plans, health systems, hospitals, and managed care organizations, emocha builds out a full adherence service powered by nurses and pharmacists. emocha begins to scale its integrated clinical adherence program to leverage daily human engagement and digital video check-ins and focuses on capturing side effects and symptoms in real-time.


In the wake of COVID-19, emocha offers a remote monitoring service for health systems, health departments, and employers. emocha launches its program with all Johns Hopkins-affiliated hospitals to digitally track symptoms and temperature readings for 30,000 employees.


emocha continues to scale its program and help patients build better habits to improve their medication adherence rates and outcomes. A rebrand is launched to update emocha’s brand and website — from this process, Scene is born.


The CDC announces that video DOT is equivalent to in-person DOT for persons undergoing treatment for tuberculosis.

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