Asthma Action Plan: Manage changes in your asthma and stay prepared for emergencies

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January 5, 2024

Managing your asthma can be tricky, especially when you experience changes in your symptoms. The best way to be prepared is to work out an asthma action plan. Get started today by downloading and completing our asthma action plan. Remember to bring your plan to your next appointment.

What is an asthma action plan?

1. A piece of paper or digital form that keeps all the most important information about your asthma in one place.

2. A playbook for you as a patient and for anyone caring for you, so they know what to do for your asthma symptoms.

3. A way to check in with yourself about how your asthma is being controlled and share with your provider to make changes if needed.

Why is it important to have an asthma action plan?

1. Keeps you prepared: Asthma can be unpredictable, but with your action plan, you can always be ready. It's a trusty guide that tells you what to do at the first sign of wheezing or coughing.

2. Tailored just for you: Everyone's asthma is different. Your plan is customized to your specific needs, so you know you're doing exactly what's best for you.

3. Emergency help: In case of an asthma attack, your plan has all the steps laid out. This means you can act fast, which can be a real lifesaver.

4. Peace of mind: Knowing you have a plan can ease your anxiety. It means you're not left guessing what to do when asthma symptoms appear.

5. It helps your provider help you: When you visit your doctor, your action plan can be a talking point. It helps your doctor understand how well your current treatment is working and if any changes are needed.

What are the three parts of an asthma action plan?

1. Medicine list: a record of all the medicines you use to control your asthma symptoms and rescue when an attack comes.

2. Symptoms checker: a checklist to mark how bad your asthma is and what to do when symptoms are low, getting worse, and when to call a doctor.

3. Emergency plan: steps to take to get emergency help.

Following an asthma action plan allows you to take better care of yourself by helping you pay close attention to your symptoms. Also, it can help you become comfortable with what to do in emergencies. Being prepared will give you a sense of control and safety even during emergencies. Did you know? Your asthma action plan should change as your asthma changes. Bring your plan to every appointment and review it with your provider. This review will ensure that your asthma treatment and control are as up-to-date as possible.

Need more help?

Do you need more support in creating and following an asthma action plan? Our care team is here to help. Have you downloaded the app? Send us a message through the Spotlight app for iOS or Spotlight app for Android. If not, call us at (410) 348-1905 or send us an email.

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