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22 Baltimore tech companies powering telehealth’s expansion

November 8, 2021
Managing Medication Adherence to Improve Outcomes and Quality Metrics

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BALTIMORE, October 22, 2021 — The pandemic sped up expansion of tech-enabled healthcare. As such, showcased emocha Health, a John Hopkins spinout, alongside 21 other Baltimore-based tech companies that developed tools to help providers treat and connect with patients remotely. A common attribute among all of these companies: the innovative use of technology to improve patient’s healthcare outcomes by enabling and improving virtual care experiences. emocha Health. Through the use of a video Directly Observed Therapy platform, emocha ensures patients are sticking with treatment plans and taking medication as prescribed. Something else of note is that during the pandemic, emocha provided COVID-19 monitoring for hospitals, employers and schools.

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Download  the Guide to Managing Medication Adherence to Improve Outcomes and Quality Metrics
Medication Adherence

Download this Guide to Managing Medication Adherence to learn about the medication adherence problem, its many and varied causes, the available tools, and the comprehensive solution.

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