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emocha Health Relaunches as Scene Health to Support Medication Adherence for Each Individual at the Scene of Their Health

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Nov 7, 2022

Scene commits to amplify Medicaid, Medicare, and public health efforts to improve health equity through personalized care, every day.

BALTIMORE, Nov. 07, 2022

Leading medication engagement company, emocha Health, relaunched today as Scene Health. The change, initiated to better support patients, is inspired by the company's commitment to seeing each individual at the scene of their health. The new brand reflects Scene’s long-standing focus on advancing health equity through daily person-to-person connections. Scene Health’s holistic model of care uses video technology to scale the gold standard for medication adherence: Directly Observed Therapy. 

"A focus on patient-centric care and health equity is part of Scene Health’s DNA, stemming from our origins in global and public health," said Sebastian Seiguer, Scene's Co-Founder & CEO. “We set out to bring the gold standard for medication support to people who need it most — no matter where they live or who they are. Our new name and brand honors this mission and marks the start of our next chapter of growth.”

Scene began as a technology created by Johns Hopkins researchers at the Center for Clinical Global Health Education to help public health workers in Uganda combat HIV in remote settings. Since spinning out of Hopkins in 2014, Scene’s enhanced Directly Observed Therapy platform has become the standard of care for medication adherence among public health departments and Medicaid plans across the country.

Today, Scene partners with hundreds of customers across the United States healthcare landscape, including Medicaid and Medicare health plans, public health departments, research organizations, and health systems, to help people take their medication properly. Scene has helped people with asthma, diabetes, COPD, hypertension, sickle cell disease, tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis C, solid organ transplants, depression and anxiety, substance use disorders, and other chronic and infectious diseases. Sixteen peer-reviewed journal articles validate significant improvements in adherence for people with chronic and infectious conditions.

“Every single dose of medication administered in U.S. hospitals is given to patients under observation to avoid errors, address side effects, and ensure a therapeutic response. Despite spending more than $350B per year on medications, this critical support falls apart after discharge. The result is confusion, unresolved problems with medication, and in some cases, death. The fact of the matter is that medications are necessary to control most chronic conditions — but only when taken properly and consistently,” explained Seiguer. 

“The problem is exacerbated among our most vulnerable, where daily life presents more challenges and financial pressures reduce access to care. The pandemic has not helped; providers are stretched thin and do not have the time to help patients understand how to take their medications as prescribed. Scene closes the gaps, solves problems that prevent adherence, and meets patients where they are” said Morad Elmi, co-founder of Scene Health.

With the unveiling of a new brand, Scene has also announced the launch of its unique model of care, Panorama. 

Panorama is enhanced Directly Observed Therapy — and so much more. The model’s 360° approach activates the power of people, science, and technology to expertly tackle medication challenges and motivate lasting change. Scene’s evidence-based model of care augments Directly Observed Therapy with proven pharmacist interventions, small financial incentives, and motivational interviewing. Panorama allows strong medication adherence to become a starting point for achieving better health.

Visit to learn more about Scene's experience, capabilities, and solutions. 

About Scene

Scene’s (formerly emocha) 360° model of care scales and enhances the gold standard of medication adherence, Directly Observed Therapy. Combining personalized video coaching, education, and motivational content, Scene brings healthcare professionals, patients, and their families together to solve the $500B medication nonadherence problem. Scene’s mobile app allows patients to connect with a care team of pharmacists, nurses, and health coaches through daily video check-ins, anytime and anywhere. Scene makes it fun for patients to stay on top of their medications, helps them address any medication challenges, and empowers them to improve their health by identifying and addressing barriers to adherence related to social determinants of health. Hundreds of customers across the healthcare landscape use our medication engagement program to improve medication adherence for patients with chronic and infectious diseases.


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