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Helping Those With Childhood Asthma Breathe a Little Easier (UnitedHealthcare Community & State Blog)

February 28, 2023
Member Engagement & Satisfaction

A childhood asthma diagnosis can be overwhelming for children and their families.

In this UnitedHealthcare blog, Jacki Porter, the Senior Clinical Program Manager with UnitedHealthcare Community & State Clinical Capabilities, and Jennifer Janowski, the Director of Clinical Strategy, Child and Adolescent Health with UnitedHealthcare Community & State, chronicle how they partner with us to help.

By providing asthma-specific tools, information, and resources around medication adherence, symptom management, trigger avoidance, and more, we help UnitedHealthcare engage, educate, empower, and support its members with pediatric asthma and their families.

Read the full blog.

Member Engagement & Satisfaction


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