6 reasons why it is hard to take medication regularly and what can help!

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February 7, 2024

Did you know that one in four people forget to take their medication regularly? If you're one of those four, you can connect with your care team to get your medication review at no cost. Get back on the right track with your medication  connect with the care team by self enrolling, calling us at (410) 348-1905 or sending us an email.

1. Just plain forgetfulness

Life is so busy, how can you remember another thing? Setting up new routines will take time and effort, but it’s worth it. Here is some ideas:

1. Buy a pill organizer: Get the right one, so if you have morning and evening pills, get morning and evening. 

2. Attach your pill taking to another habit: If you drink coffee every morning, put the pill organizer by the coffee or the mugs (think about what’s safe if you have young kids around). Take those pills with your coffee. Put your evening pills by your toothpaste.

3. We can help with this! Our care team are here to help you take your medication in our program.

2. You feel well! Nothing all that bad can be wrong when you feel fine, right?

Most of your medication is about staying healthy, not responding to the way you feel at the moment. 

Feeling good is a sign that your medication is working, and you should keep taking it.

High blood pressure, diabetes, and many other chronic illnesses can hurt your body without you feeling it until a lot of harm has been done.

3. Your medicine makes you feel bad

Medications can have many side effects, for example feeling more tired or feeling sick to your stomach. Your provider wants to know if the medication is causing trouble, because simple fixes, like taking a pill with some food or changing your dose can make a big difference.

If getting in touch with your provider takes a while, talk to your pharmacist or your Scene nurse. They can help to find a solution. Being patient at the start will pay off.

4. It's hard to know what these pills are even doing

With long hard-to-say names and all looking similar, it’s easy to make a mistake. Knowing what each one of your medications does and how that helps your body will give you power to take better care of yourself. Learn about what the disease does to your body, and how the medication works to stop it.

Write down your medicines, why you take them, how much you take, and when. All this information is on your pill bottles, in your electronic medical record if you use it, or you can ask your pharmacy to print out your medication list. 

The Scene Care Team would love to answer your questions about your condition and how your medications help!

5. The cost adds up

It seems like no one mentioned how much this was going to cost, and it comes out of the budget every month. What’s the harm in skipping some pills to save money?

Skipping pills is a bad bet. If you don’t take medications the way your provider asks, they won’t work. By skipping, you could have much more expensive health problems like Emergency Department visits and hospital stays.

Your provider, pharmacist, or health plan can help get the medication you need without breaking the bank. With either coupons, patient programs from the drug company, special authorization from your health plan, or switching to a generic, there are ways to find savings.

6. It takes too long to get my medication

Getting refills means making time to go to the pharmacy and stand in line, plus to get all the medication you have to go a bunch of times every month!

Use the same pharmacy for all of your medication. This way your pharmacist can watch out for you in making sure all medications work well together, and you have one place to get all your medication from.

Ask for automatic refills on all your regular prescriptions.

If your medications are coming due for refill at different times of the month, ask the pharmacist to put your medication all on the same schedule, so you only have to make one trip each month.

Some health plans or pharmacies have home delivery options and/or 90 day refill options - talk to your pharmacy, health plan member services, or call the Scene Care Team to get more information. 

In summary

Remembering to take your medicine is all about knowing what you're taking and why, and learning a routine that keeps you on track. It can be a lot! You deserve help while you’re figuring it all out, so please talk to a provider, a pharmacist, or your Scene nurse who will take time to set you up for success.

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