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March 11, 2024

Keeping your stress level under control can seem impossible, but it can improve the health of your body and mind. Lowering your stress can also lower your blood pressure and blood sugar, helping you control or prevent chronic illness. If you need extra help, we’re here for you. Simply self enroll, call us at (410) 348-1905 or send us an email. Learn about how stress, your mental and physical health are all connected in the video below!


Here are a few easy ways to lower your stress levels. Pick one or two things to try—you don’t have to do them all! Pick things that you can imagine fitting into your day. 

For your body

1. Stretch. Try 5 minutes of stretching in the morning or before bed. It can help you feel ready for the day or get a good night’s sleep.

2. Walk. Walking is one of the best ways to add movement to your day and reduce stress. Walking around the block, to the bus stop, or parking a bit further away and walking to your destination all count! Where can you walk today?

3. Rest. Sleep is a must for healing and can be hard to get in times of stress. Even if eight hours is not possible, you can use these tips to make the most of the sleep you get. If your having trouble sleeping because of stress, check out the video below!


For your mind

1. Be in nature. If you live near a park or green space, spend some time there. Taking time to look, listen, smell, and touch nature can reduce stress and improve your health.

2. Breathe. Try some breathing exercises for a few minutes. Box Breaths is a great option. Watch a video where Nurse Chrystal explains this breathing exercise.

3. Make art. It does not have to be good! Using your hands, voice, or an instrument to create just for fun. Expression through art, craft, and music are some of mankind’s oldest stress relievers. Have kids in your life? Grab a coloring book and some crayons. Spend some quality time just coloring—you don’t have to stay in the lines! 

For your mood

1. See your friends. Taking time to have coffee or a meal with friends helps us remember that we are loved and love others. It’s a time to share wins and losses and get needed support.

2. Help out. Sometimes the best way to beat stress is to do something kind for someone else. Make a meal for someone who is grieving, offer to watch the kids for a parent that is worn out, or help your elderly neighbor with their lawn. It can connect you to more people and be a reminder of how much you have to give.

3. Get help. No need to suffer in silence, reach out and ask for help! Whether you’re behind at work, overwhelmed with the kids, or haven’t done laundry in three weeks, being brave about asking for help will bring you closer to the friends and loved ones who you give the chance to show you their love by helping out.

For those caring for children stressed by emergencies and losses, learn about how to help children cope.

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