Use your asthma control medication every day

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November 1, 2023

If you have asthma, your doctor may have prescribed you a controller medication. This medication is a key player in controlling your asthma, and it's important to use it every day. Your rescue inhaler provides fast relief during asthma attacks. Your control medication is your everyday helper. You might not feel it working right away but it’s quietly working to keep your asthma under control. It works on the inside, tackling the swelling and inflammation in your lungs.

Controller Medications

1) Controller medications are used every day to reduce inflammation and swelling of the airways.
2) Controller medications are taken even when you don’t have symptoms.

Rescue Medications

1) Rescue medications are only taken to prevent or treat an attack.
2) Rescue medications help the airways relax so it’s easier to breathe.

Why is taking controller medication regularly important?

To get the most out of your controller medication, you need to take it just like your provider prescribes - usually once or twice a day. Even if you're feeling fine or have no symptoms. Taking it every day is very important. Over time, you'll notice that your asthma is better, and you won't need your rescue inhaler as much. It's like building a shield against asthma attacks. It's your way of gaining control over your asthma rather than letting it control you. If you ever have asthma symptoms or bad side effects, reach out to your doctor. They are your partners in managing your asthma. They can answer your questions and make any needed changes to your treatment plan.

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Do you need more support?

We are here to help! Our care team of pharmacists, nurses, and health coaches is here for you. If you have any problems keeping you from taking your controller medication, let us know. We’ll help you find solutions. Have you downloaded the app? Send us a message through the Spotlight app for iOS or Spotlight app for Android. If not, call us at (410) 348-1905 or send us an email.

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